Orbcode is a loose collection of engineers and enthusiasts working to make embedded computing better through enhanced debug, trace and visualization hard and soft tooling.

Orbcode works with Open Source, and strives for cost effective solutions with minimally encumbered licenses. New collaborators are welcomed, provided they respect the philosophy of open development, mutual appreciation and celebration of individual spirit and diversity.

All Orbcode projects are open source, and you can find their repositories at GitHub.

For hardware you’re welcome to build it yourself, but generally buying it is a less painful option. zyp expects to have stock of ORBTrace Mini again within the next few weeks, and you can sign up for the waiting list via github. Also, feel free to come talk to us on Discord to get the latest updates.

Active Projects

Click on the projects below for more information.

ORBTrace mini Debug & Trace interface
Orbuculum Debug SWO and Parallel Trace decode tooling